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New Art: Leaving LA, Mixed Media

Updated: Feb 3

Sometimes, when I approach my canvas, it's an intuitive exploration while at other times, I have a clear idea or concept guiding my brushstrokes. In the case of this particular painting, it all began with concept and a carefully chosen color palette.

At first, I stumbled upon another artist's work that clearly resonated with me and I kept coming back to, over and over. Its bold use of color resonated with me, and despite my infrequent use of yellow, I felt compelled to work with similar tones.

Then as I started painting, the idea came to me. I knew what I was painting about and the working title formed in my mind, Moving Out of My Comfort Zone. I was working with an entirely different color palette, and pushing my painting in a way that felt somehow different.

As I continued to work, I felt the painting grow and change and I realized it had become about more than just pushing outside my painting comforts. Although symbolism often finds its way into my art, it's not typically this explicit–the dark red broken circle, the city skyline turned on its side, and the distant horizon all converged to convey a new narrative.

Eventually, the more straightforward title, Leaving LA came forward and just stuck. It's all I hear and see now when I look at it, encapsulating the journey of departure or transition and the emotions tied to leaving a familiar place or embarking on a new chapter in life.

Leaving LA, Mixed Media Artwork 30 x 48" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

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