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New State, New Studio

It's been nearly a year (come February) since we picked up and left Los Angeles. When we did so, we didn't know exactly where we would land, just that we wanted to be in the Puget Sound area-somewhere outside the city, close to the water, with a bit of nature we could call our own. We settled into an AirBnb in Port Orchard for a few months while we house hunted, and in June moved into our home in that same town.

It's been an adventure, and we're still exploring, learning and growing. We're both still a little surprised that we did it, and sometimes even question the why, but I have no regrets. I love our little corner of the world, our sleepy town, our trips into the city, the nature and life that is growing around us.

Our home is slowly coming together and one of my favorite spaces is my studio. I've been creating in it for a few months now and am enjoying the climate controlled environment (previous studio was located in the garage and was often either too cold or too hot). It's connected to my office, so every day I get to see the work I'm creating and am inspired to keep going, keep dreaming, keep making. For the first time in a long time, I'm enjoying the process.

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