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"Azra & Ivy" is a surreal and abstract mixed media painting, including acrylic paint and inks on canvas.  This is a collaborative piece created with my extremely talented daughter, Azra. It features a captivating fantasy character with a hybrid form between a cat and a human, possessing a single eye. Set against a vibrant and abstract background, this artwork enthralls viewers with its otherworldly charm. The solitary eye gazes out, drawing the viewer into a world of enchantment and imagination. The amalgamation of abstract elements invites interpretation, heightening the painting's enigmatic ambiance. This captivating artwork showcases a unique and surreal fusion of a cat-like fantasy character with human attributes, inviting viewers to delve into a realm of mystery and imagination. Original painting signed by both artists.


$60   8" x 10" unframed, ready to hang  

Azra & Ivy

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    Custom prints available, please contact me for pricing.

  • Please contact me for prints.