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New Art: Azra and Ivy Abstract Fantasy Character Artwork

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

My daughter, Azra (formerly Sophia) created this little fantasy character drawing on canvas recently. She didn't care for it much and tossed it aside. I, however, loved it and rescued it from the trash and proceeded to paint it. I present to you, Azra and Ivy, the first of many, or possibly never again, collaborative artworks.

Abstract character fantasy art created by Azra and Ivy.

"Azra & Ivy" is a surreal and abstract mixed media painting, including acrylic paint and inks on canvas. It features a captivating fantasy character with a hybrid form between a cat and a human, possessing a single eye. Set against a vibrant and abstract background, this artwork enthralls viewers with its otherworldly charm. The solitary eye gazes out, drawing the viewer into a world of enchantment and imagination. The amalgamation of abstract elements invites interpretation, heightening the painting's enigmatic ambiance. This captivating artwork showcases a unique and surreal fusion of a cat-like fantasy character with human attributes, inviting viewers to delve into a realm of mystery and imagination. Original painting signed by both artists. You can find it here!

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